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Director’s Message

Director Ajit Anupam

Director’s of Asquare classes
E-mail: asquareclasses@gmail.com
Phone: 9561239528


  • My believe and my hard-work have bought me today to build the empire of our firm from a small roof which I led in 2010. So I believe if I can, then definitely you can. So bachche, nothing is impossible as the word impossible itself says I’m possible. Hence, students don’t wait for the time to be the best. Make the time best. Pick your pen and begin the journey for ENGINEERING and MEDICAL and be proud to join our firm ASQUARE.

  • Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today…

  • Start your journey with ASQUARE and end with the suitcase of knowledge… And I Mr. AJIT ANUPAM ensures you your success with confidence and dedication very be good luck with your journey…

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Email: asquareclasses@gmail.com