9th Foundation


9th Foundation

We prepare the students for pre board which forms the root for iit foundation or medical foundation, from the class 9th itself , along with it all subjects will be taught which includes maths ,science ,English ,ssc, hindi, Marathi. We also prepare them for national competitive exams like kvpy mtse sofs ntse etc.
  • This courses improove the skill of the candidate, basically focuses on prime subjects at this stage for competition like maths/ science etc.
  • This course prepares for both school and competition exam with regular schedule.


  • The goal of the program will be to get a Top Rank in JEE (Main & Advanced) or NEET. The program will also help you score high marks in X & XII Boards & also prepare you for NTSE / KVPY and Other Scholastic Competitive Examinations.
  • In addition, this program will also lay a strong foundation for International Olympiads by enhancing student’s potential. Students joining this program will have more time to clear their fundamentals and practice extensively for JEE (Advanced), and AIIMS for their ultimate goal!


   3 hr class daily.

   6 days in a week.

          TIMING:- EVENING 4pm to 7pm