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Embark on success with ASQUARE Medical & IIT-JEE Academy in Pune. Let your hard work be the jet fuel propelling you towards academic achievement. ASQUARE is not just an institute; it's a dream, a synonym for success. Join us on a transformative journey, where dreams take flight and success becomes a reality. Enroll today for an extraordinary academic experience. - Mrs. Arpita Bharti'

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Navigating Success: Mrs. Arpita Bharti's Invitation to Academic Brilliance

Hey there, Future Superstars! Embark on your educational journey with ASQUARE Medical & IIT-JEE Academy, a leading institute in Pune that transforms aspirations into achievements for JEE (Main & Advance) NEET & MH-CET success. Picture your path to success as meticulously packing a suitcase, with "asquare," "pune," "jee," "neet" "cet" as the compass guiding your way.
In this educational adventure, your hard work is the jet fuel propelling you toward the coveted destination of success. Just as atoms join forces in chemistry to create magical compounds, your efforts at ASQUARE Medical & IIT-JEE Academy are the secret formula for success. Imagine your dedication filling that suitcase, lifting you to the divine realm of academic achievement.
Seize control of your destiny; don't let fate be your author. At ASQUARE Medical & IIT-JEE Academy, you are the master of your own destiny. Grab that pen and begin writing your success story today.
Students, you are the gems of the future generation. ASQUARE Medical & IIT-JEE Academy recognizes that education is your secret weapon, igniting the flames of self-reliance, dedication, and soaring achievements. As you pack your metaphorical suitcase with knowledge and skills, envision ASQUARE as the catalyst for your academic triumphs.
ASQUARE Medical & IIT-JEE Academy is not just any ordinary institute; it's the dream of many, the synonym of success, and the convergence of innovation and opportunity. It embodies "Ek Nayi Soch," a new way of thinking that paves the way for ground breaking success in JEE (Main & Advance) NEET & MH-CET exams.
So, buckle up for the ride of your life! ASQUARE invites you to journey together, conquering new horizons and shaping a future filled with academic brilliance. Enroll with ASQUARE Medical & IIT-JEE Academy in Pune, where your dreams take flight, and success becomes a tangible reality. Your academic journey starts here; make it extraordinary with ASQUARE Medical & IIT-JEE Academy.
With high-fives and good vibes,
Mrs. Arpita Bharti

  • Visionary Chairman.
  • Advocate for Self-Reliance and Dedication.
  • ASQUARE: The Convergence of Innovation and Opportunity.


Student Success Stories


I am thankful to Asquare Institute for my achievements. The teachers helped me find out my weak points and guided me to rectify them. The test series and study material were extremely helpful to me.