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Foundation- 8th/9th/10th

Asquare Classes is one of the Top 10 Foundation Course Classes in Pune


Moto of this course is:-

  • These courses are designed to develop biological aptitude, Scientific and reasoning skills, Logical thinking and Problem solving skills of the student at early stage and prepare them for future competitive exams.
  • These courses are synchronized with school education hence prepare for both school and competitive exams Courses help students to take early lead, prepare them in gradual and systematic manner for high level competitive exams and avoid stress and time pressure in subsequent years. It is one of the Top 10 Foundation Course Classes in Pune

Special efforts for the subjects like:-

Facilities Provided by the Institute is:-

  • Special classes and test series will be conducted to prepare the students for various Olympiads / Scholarship Exams.
  • Micro-Assignment – a special booklet will be given to practice the questions of NCERT text book thoroughly.
  • Trickopedia – a specially designed book will be given to solve problems in short time using tricks.
  •  Asquare module set– prepared by our experts is given for preparation of competitive exams.
  • ENGLISH, BIOLOGY and SOCIAL SCIENCE books will be given for practice of questions for entrance exams.
  • Personal attention will be provided for doubt clearing and missed-out lectures

Schedule for IIT-JEE foundation course is:-

  •  Two hours classes 5 day in a week.
  •  DPT (daily practice test) will be provided to the candidate after each chapter.
  • Special test programme (10th board + Olympiad +NTSE).
  •  Duration of course: – 10 month.
  •  Special weekend batch (6 hrs.)

Importance of IIT-JEE Foundation Course

There is an increasing amount of competition among the students of today’s age. As a result, students should have to choose wisely from a range of options available to them. No matter what field they are aspiring to get into there is always the option of joining the IIT /NEET/AIIMSFoundation Courses. To help nurture a student and teach them the fundamentals concepts which a great foundation to when their aim to crack the IIT-JEE or NEET or any other competitive exam they want.

The goal of these courses is to ensure that students are able to indulge in more than just their educational syllabus. It gives a fundamental understanding of subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. It uplifts a student’s thinking ability and challenges them to new obstacles. Making them more capable to conquer any entrance exam.Foundation program helps in expanding a student’s thought process by encouraging them to think outside the box. While dealing with a number of exercises in class. This gives an in-depth Analysis and train students to deal with the stress factor of any entrance exam.

“Asquare truly believes in nurturing potential through education”

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