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Vacation Batch

Foundation –courses for std VIII, IX, X:-


 We have five year courses from 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th for junior IITians and doctors.  These courses are designed to develop Mathematical aptitude, Scientific and reasoning skills, Logical thinking and Problem solving skills of the student at early stage and prepare them for future competitive exams.
These courses are synchronized with school education hence prepare for both school and competitive exams.  Courses help students to take early lead, prepare them in gradual and systematic manner for high level competitive exams and avoid stress and time pressure in subsequent years.

  Duration of Course:-

For std VIII –  13 month.

For VIII-IX –  26 month.

For VIII-X –  39 month.


For std VIII – 4pm-7pm.

For std IX –  3pm-7pm.

For std X –  4pm-8pm.

And for remaining two year i.e XI –XII courses will be eligible according to the schedule planned and mentioned in XI-XII section of the website.

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